It’s no secret that prolonged driving is tiring, both physically and mentally. About it can tell you a lot truckers. But what affects the body?

The first is a long time in one position, which leads to physical fatigue. And the next important factor of fatigue is almost constant monotony of the landscape, where the eye practically does not rest on anything, which leads to moral exhaustion. And the main thing is not to overestimate their strength, not relying on good physical condition and have many years of driving experience.

Fatigue may manifest itself after 10 hours behind the wheel. This is especially dangerous at night. When the horizon just beginning to lighten. Here, you just have to sleep with one eye open, and Wake up in a ditch. It is the revaluation of its forces and capabilities, is a major cause of accidents on highways. Better to use road map from Cocal de Telha to Morro Agudo. Because before a long journey, pay attention to a favorite and just have a good sleep.

And here you are on the road, how do you determine the level of fatigue. Yes, you just can’t be compared with anything. I want to sleep, sore eyes, numb hands and feet, do not want to make any unnecessary movements, worsening the reaction. And there can be only one correct tip. Stop and just relax. Just one hour of sleep restores strength, and it is possible to continue movement. Don’t forget that jeopardized not only your life, and you are not alone participate in the movement. So just have pity on yourself and others and you normally get to places on his car.

If you want you can all the way to break into the sector, with allocation of time for rest. Even 10-15 minutes will bring relief. A simple walk around the car, simple physical exercises, you will return fit.

On the subject of how not to fall asleep at the wheel, there are many tips. To take on the road with a strong tea or coffee. Drinking Cola or energy. Yes it helps, but not for long. It only postpones the dream, but after a while he comes again and with greater force. To put loud music. Yes, indeed it interferes with sleep, but even more tiring in moral terms, causing irritation. Good help good conversationalist. After all, for the nice conversation and the time passes faster, and with it kilometers. But any conversation can not be forever.

And another seasoned advice. The entire path should be with a sense of light starvation. Never in the way, not overeat. This is a direct and quick way to drowsiness. Try to keep the air in your car always fresh, it is very invigorating. Not sukupolvien in the car.

But the most basic advice — if you feel signs of sleepiness, stop and just sleep. It just might save your life.