Inexperienced drivers sometimes do not think about their actions, than creating a lot of inconvenience, and sometimes dangerous situations on the road. These few tips will help the newcomers to survive the harsh winter without loss.

Tip # 1

Winter you don’t have to ride fast. Even if the street is dry and the snow has melted, and the New year has not yet arrived. Everything associated with the word «fast» and always ends with a cry of «Stop!». And in this thrilling moment there comes a rare enlightenment and awareness, ending with a loud «Smack!». Why? Yes, because if you’re on the studded tires and ice under the wheels, then stop quickly. And whoever on conventional tires aim you in the trunk, it will slow down the already «about you.» Other fun exercises: the studs on dry pavement — smack! and you caught someone on a conventional rubber; ordinary rubber your ice — smack! and you caught someone on the spikes… can Not count the number of possible «crack», but it is the inevitable result of rapid acceleration and passing tracks in the style of Schumacher.

Tip # 2

Avoid playing checkers on multilane roads before visit Social Services Organizations. Especially in heavy traffic when a rebuild is similar to the passage in kings. The main enemy is our road services, which was put on the road markings. Fatty white paint, which in winter turns into a slippery substance that will not catch even the tyres for the Speedway with spikes, like a cactus. If the wheels on one side you ended up on this strip, but still threw the gas, it is possible to overtake their own trunk, commit dizzying fouettés to the envy of all others.

Tip # 3

It would be good to replace the wipers on a special winter. It is not self-indulgence and showing off — winter scrape the windshield with diligence Tajik migrant workers, and one can see through it, even if you are driving behind a truck with liquid mud, brought from the Carpathian spurs. In addition, rubber winter wipers more firmly resists road experiments with different cocktails, which they insist on calling the «reagent». Although all drivers know that this is common salt, from which, however, the snow melts.

Tip # 4

Speaking of reagents. Winter car should be washed twice as often than in summer. It’s not the aesthetics of the colored spots on the dirty snow roads, and basic security. About the road experiments I have said — they year already with the childish curiosity you observe the actions of their agents on the details of our machines. Damaging impact on gum (sling loads) and air conditioning power happy. Now, I proceed to study the resistance of the body. So don’t give them unhealthy food sadistic curiosity. Will wash more often…

Tip # 5

Driving in winter no need to fuss. Never.

The optimal model of behavior — stoned Python. Sees everything, observes everything, but sudden movements do not. Digest. So you should behave about the same. Can’t you squeeze the steering wheel. Selector manual transmission work gently. Don’t stomp on the pedals like you want to punch the floor to brake and heel. Ideally, you must ensure complete unity of action in the management. Imagine that the hood is a glass of beer and your task — to drink it at home and not before. Smoothly changing longitudinal load (acceleration-braking), the more smoothly the direction of movement (not turn the steering wheel right by a large angle). And never leave the drive wheels without engine thrust. Otherwise the car turns into a Bob, and you’re the underdog of the Olympic games.

Tip # 6

On a slippery road elementary you can throw in a skid in a straight line. For example, at intensive dispersal. In any case don’t leave the gas pedal, if the trunk began to overtake the hood. The rear wheel drive car lose a little gas and meet skid the rear axle the wheel — governi it towards the trunk. Stabilize slide, smoothly add gas and return the wheel to its original position. FWD car on the gas to drop is not necessary — it will unload the drive wheels and the skid just becomes unmanageable. Kill the slave, cowardly require to take your foot off the pedal, and smoothly add gas and work the wheel — just as in the first case.

Tip # 7

Now the problem is drive sideways. The most frenzied street-racers call it a Powerslide, although the ability to side-slip either comes from God or is achieved by exercise. I can advise the first snow to ride on an open area and practice. Ideally, your movements need to automate — to on the real road warm trickle irrigated your diaper after the car has leveled off.

Tip # 8

If the drift occurred in a turn (dumping gas on a FWD car, too much torque — RWD), your actions are little different from the previous one. Never panic and gently work the gas and the wheel. The main thing — not to do sharp movements and not to throw gas completely. And remember: any drift can be avoided — the skill of the driver not riding sideways, and in a perfectly measured trajectory